It is quite a few years since I spent some time with the Norton Team and the riders of the day, Trevor Nation and Robert Dunlop who rode the Rotary versions.

In 2017 I decided to do this again with the new Pepe Jeans Silver Nortons to be ridden by Josh Brookes and Dave Johnson.

So after a couple of communications I was "granted" my wish and on my arrival at the TT I made my way to the Norton complex in the paddock. I identified myself and was welcomed by two technicians who were working on No.16, Josh Brookes entry. Daves machine (No.1) was up at Jurby being tested and would be back at 2.30pm. So I had a complete involvement with one Norton so I was able to give it my undivided attention and able to get some good photographs.

I had a great day watching and discussing and the technicians were very informative.

When Daves machine arrived back from Jurby I was able to see differences
between No.1 and No.16

-- Footrest settings,

handlebar settings

and length of saddle for each riders sitting position.

My sincere thanks to Mick Grant who arranged the day for me.

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